Have you considered coming back to Canada?


After moving to Hong Kong for the better job prospects, some British Columbians are now considering a return back home. 

Eugene Ho, an ex-pat Canadian who lives in Hong Kong and is president of the University of British Columbia alumni association in the city, says his group was overwhelmed at a recent event there for people thinking about moving back to B.C.

The event was capped at 60 people, he said, but quickly sold out. In the end, they ended up welcoming over 70 people. 

The majority of the attendees were in their 30s and 40s, Ho said, adding they had moved to Hong Kong looking for adventure and job prospects during a heydey in the 90s.

Now with young families, and aging parents back home, they were looking to move back.

“The majority of those [who moved back to Vancouver], especially the kids, love it,” Ho said. “They love to play hockey, all the fresh air, the activities they can do.

“School’s much easier and life is much easier and better.”

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