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Information Session on TAXES in Canada by a Canadian Charterted Accountant

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I am excited to announce, that for the first time ever, the Landpower Team will be launching Tower One of Phase 1 exclusively in Hong Kong on May 18.

Jason Attard - VP, Aspen Ridge Homes

CROSSTOWN is our newest master planned community, centered in mid town Toronto.

CROSSTOWN is a 60 acres prime property  located at Don Mills road and Eglinton Ave.

It is surrounded by walking trails, employment and a to be newly constructed community centre.

This new community will feature a mix use of lowrise townhouses, office buildings and condo towers which will be connected by the Eglinton Light Rail Transit.

CROSSTOWN is also just a short 5 min drive to the Don Valley parkway.



Canadian Economy

Have you wondered how the Toronto Real Estate Market is being impacted by the global turmoil? Stephen Li will be discussing the effects on the Toronto Market





Our guest speaker Kenny Wan is a CPA in Toronto who will discuss the effects of NRST and how it will impact you



Find out how the new lending policies may affect you as we are proud to have Yvonne Tong, our Mortgage Specialist from TD Bank speak about mortgages in Canada.



Our Legal Expert Eddie Mui from F.Zimmerman and Co. will discuss the execution of Agreement of Purchase and Sales , interim closing documents, Final Closing and Power of Attorney in Canada


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Be the FIRST group to have access to CROSSTOWN Condo's by Aspen Ridge Homes.


With the impending opening of the Crosstown LRT in 4 years, a consortium of developers are reimagining the area as a complete community with the Wynford Green master plan, a redevelopment of the current Celestica property on the northwest corner of the intersection.


 Earlier this year during a review of the master plan at the Design Review Panel (DRP), the Panel pushed the design team to develop more innovative approaches to the public realm, heritage retention, and massing of the built form. This time around, the Wynford Green team offered a rejigged plan, as well as further details on its future implementation.


The main revisions to the proposal involved some shuffling around of the massing of the buildings, a tweaking of the design of the public realm, and adjustments to the incorporation of the heritage buildings in the development. Some reorganization of the street grid was done as a result of these changes. The majority of the main components remained the same, such as the community hub, retail Main Street, and low-rise townhouse development, with slight adjustments to their size and form.


The incorporation of the heritage elements has changed significantly since the last iteration of the master plan. Currently existing on the site is the 1954-built Celestica building at 844 Don Mills Road, formerly the head offices of IBM and currently a listed building on the Toronto Heritage Register, as well as a second office building constructed in 1967 by Modernist architect John B. Parkin located at 1150 Eglinton Avenue East. The previous proposal would have retained the two main entrance portals of 844 Don Mills and relocated them to Wynford Drive, where they would have acted as a gateway into the neighbourhood, while a small portion of 1150 Eglinton would have been retained to house a community hub.

The two entrance portals of 844 Don Mills have now been incorporated into the podiums of the towers on the east side of the site, located along the private retail street envisioned as the 'Main Street' of the neighbourhood.


At 1150 Eglinton, the entire south facade of the building is being retained, and will act as cladding for the podium of three new towers that will fit within the footprint of the previous structure. Portions of the retained facade will be freestanding, creating a permeable wall between the public spaces in the courtyards and the street, framing the view of the city skyline to the south.


As a result of the reconfiguration of the heritage structures, the public realm has also been modified and expanded. The retention of the facade of the Parkin building has created new courtyard spaces between the towers that spill out into the ravine, while to the north, Street 'D' and Street 'C' have been reconfigured such that the road on the north side of the three towers only acts as a driveway to access the parking garages, and is more pedestrian-friendly. The public 'Blufftops' park at the southwest corner of the site overlooking the ravine has been shifted eastward to be more central to the neighbourhood, while still providing connections to the new courtyards which lead down into the ravine.


A new element to the project is a cycling bridge over the train tracks along the north side of the site, which will connect the Leaside Spur Trail - which currently dead ends on the north side of the tracks - to Wynford Drive, and onward along a new path leading down into the ravine. The main public park has remained in its original position at the northeast corner of the site, adjacent to the new arena and community complex and at the northern terminus of the private retail street, so as to capitalize on the programmatic opportunities. As well, the public plaza at the southeast corner of the site has been kept in its original location, albeit reconfigured and expanded.


The final major change to the master plan is a reorganization of the massing. As previously mentioned, three towers are located on the site of the Parkin building where previously there was one, rising to 20, 42, and 52 storeys. The towers and mid-rises on the east side of the proposal have remained relatively intact, with some adjustments to building and podium heights to provide a better transition to the adjacent low-rise buildings. In response to the Panel's previous comments on incorporating more mid-rises into the development, a new mid-rise building has been located along Eglinton Avenue to the south, which would continue the mid-rise border of the site beginning on Don Mills Road.

As a result of the new massing, the number of residential units has increased from 3,887 up to 4,594, over half of which will be one-bedrooms, with the remainder as two- and three-plus-bedroom units. Total retail GFA has decreased marginally to 112,000 sq. ft., office GFA has increased slightly to 686,500 sq. ft., and total community GFA has decreased slightly to 132,000 sq. ft. The area is projected to house roughly 10,000 new residents and workers, with roughly 6 acres of new public park space.

The Wynford Green team's presentation also gave some insight into the block division and phasing of the project. Phase 1 includes the western portion of the site, encompassing the three new towers atop the heritage facade, the townhouses north of that, the reconstruction of the access road from Eglinton, and the construction of Celestica's new offices at the corner of Don Mills and Eglinton. Phase 2 includes the mid-rise component at the south end of the site, the townhouses on the north half of the site, the new arena and community hub, and the new public park at the northeast corner of the site. Phase 3 includes the 'Main Street' retail promenade along with its bordering towers and mid-rise buildings, while Phase 4 would be the final mid-rise office building to the east along Don Mills Road.


The master plan was praised for its "numerous opportunities to go from park, to parkette, to main street, to local street, to dramatic landscapes, to regional public transit" all in one, with several Panelists claiming it would be "a great place to raise a family". One Panel member urged designers to "not just create a complete community in itself, but to create something that draws people in from outside". They elaborated further and suggested including smaller parkettes and plazas sprinkled throughout the public realm, rather than focusing solely on large, centralizing public parks, as these would provide a greater diversity of spaces and uses for the local residents. They would be a "huge addition and boon to the livability of the site and its prosperity" and are the elements that "can really make a community that's home".




stations and stops  






faster than current time

Eglinton Station will be an underground station located at the busy Yonge Street and Eglinton Avenue intersection. As an interchange station, Eglinton Station will be one of the busiest on the Crosstown, and will provide a direct connection to the existing Eglinton Station on Line 1.



2016- Construction Started


2019- Under Construction


2021- Scheduled for Completion

Station Features

• Six total station entrances: one on each corner of the intersection, a new entrance at the former bus bay, and the south entrance at Canada Square.

• Customers can interchange directly to Line 1 without leaving the fare-paid zone.

• At the main entrance, there will be an integrated art piece, ‘Light from Within’ by Rodney LaTourelle with Louise Witthöft.

• The new LRT platform is being constructed directly underneath the existing subway platform.

• Prior to construction, utilities running under the intersection were relocated to make way for construction.

• Eglinton Station is being built using the ‘cut-and-cover’ method, which means excavatation is performed, then covered with wooden decking while crews continue digging and building underneath.

• The station’s excavation footprint is 130m x 20m, or the size of two hockey rinks.

• Excavation will reach a depth of approximately 20m, the height of a six story building.




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