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The re-returnees: They came to Hong Kong for the hustle. Now, with China encroaching, they’re coming back to Canada

本土派本地歸屬感不算強烈 有移民打算(文:黃子為、郭樺、鄭宏泰) (09:00) - 20190117 - 文摘



Torontos Tech Boom keeps Estate Frenzy going: FORECAST

Hong Kongese Immigrants to Canada
new permanent residents 2005-2015
Toronto’s immigrant population grew 24.8% from 2001-2011

Number of Hongkongers planning to leave for new lives in Canada jumps 30 per cent as experts warn of brain drain

A 30 per cent jump in the number of Hongkongers applying to emigrate to Canada has left experts warning of a potential brain drain among a younger generation struggling to cope with the city’s high cost of living.

Official figures show 1,561 people applied for permanent residency last year, and with an estimated 300,000 Hongkongers in the city already holding a Canadian passport, overseas experts have suggested this could point to a loss of faith in Hong Kong’s future among a demographic typically well educated and middle class.

Canadian government records show an upwards trend, with 1,206 Hongkongers applying for residency in 2016, 1,092 in 2015, 1,481 in 2014, 977 in 2013, and 963 in 2012.

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